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The first post is never fun. But i guess one has to start somewhere. So i’m gonna start from the beginning and do the basic introductions; basically, i’ll answer the stadard W/H questions and hope it’d provide enough info for the visitors of this blog to have an idea on the man behind the screan, the idea behind the blog, and the way before this modest project.

Who? A grad student with an interest in the field of Conflict Analysis/Assessment and obviously the Resolution component of it. I am particularly interested in the region of North Africa with un petit faible for the Western Sahara conflict.

What? This will be a blog dedicated primarily to the Western Sahara conflict.

Why? The idea came when I was doing research on the topic and realized that the conflict is probably one of the least documented on the web. So the blog intends to provide support for all of you out there doing research and need a starting point.

How? The blog is meant to enable not to hinder research, to educate not to disinform.